Justin Pirnie (Executive Designer - Floral)

A Mid-western boy, born and bred, he is from a medical family.  The son of two nurses he grew up with a compassionate heart.  He attended the University of Kansas with a major in industrial design.  He moved here when his life-partner’s children moved out here with their mother.  Justin has over 20 years’ experience as an award winning floral designer.  Along with Jim Crowther (event designer) his business and life-partner, they have taken gold (twice), as well as the Splendid Spaces Design Award and the Marsha Haberer Award at the Cincinnati Flower Show.  In 2011, Justin was named “Best of the City” (florist) by Cincinnati Magazine.

Jim Crowther (Executive Designer - Event)

A Philadelphia born designer, Jim has nearly 30 years in the design industry, working in set-design, interior design and now event design.  He is educated in both Theatrical-Set and Interior Design.  Jim worked as an interior designer for number of years before morphing into an event designer.  This start in theatrical set design and later interior design has proven to be an inspired combination for event design.  His understanding of color and lighting is unique and astounding.  Jim is also an award winning designer with the two gold medals, the Splendid Spaces Design Award and the Marsha Haberer Award from the Cincinnati Flower Show.